PolyAurum Presents at Keiretsu NW Capital Expo

August 2, 2017

PolyAurum presented its biodegradable nanoparticle technology to a packed room of investors at the Keiretsu Forum Northwest Capital Expo in Seattle, Washington on August 2, 2017.  The audience was comprised of investors from various Keiretsu chapters along the West Coast, independent investors and representatives from numerous Family Offices in the country.  The company was introduced by Bernard Rudnick of Capgenic Advisors and an active Keiretsu member and the investment committee for the Keiretsu Capital Fund.

Deb Travers, President and CEO of PolyAurum, said “Getting all these active investors into a room to hear your story is incredible. We had so much interest in the technology, people were lined up to talk to me.”  The company will now go through a due diligence process with the Keiretsu organization, with investments following successful completion.

Keiretsu is the largest angel group in the world with more than 50 chapters worldwide.  In 2016, they made $almost 72M in investments, 22% of which were in the life sciences.

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