PolyAurum Licenses Nanoparticle Technology from the University of Pennsylvania and the Penn State Research Foundation

October 20, 2017

PolyAurum announced today that it has successfully secured an exclusive worldwide  license to the intellectual property described in PCT/US2015/021198 – “Polyphosphazene delivery systems for metal nanocrystals for biomedical applications” from the University of Pennsylvania and the Penn State Research Foundation.  This comprehensive patent application covers composition of matter for a wide range of nanocrystals and polymers, as well as all foreseen medical (human and veterinary) uses for the nanoparticles.  The patent is under active review by the US Patent Office.

PolyAurum is a preclinical stage biotechnology startup spun out of the University of Pennsylvania.  The company is developing biodegradable gold nanoparticles to amplify the effect of radiation therapy in patients with locally advanced non-resectable tumors.  Used in conjunction with radiation therapy, the gold nanoparticles accumulate selectively in tumors and significantly increase the destruction of tumor cells compared to radiation therapy alone.  Because the nanoparticles are too large to enter normal tissue, there is no increase in damage to healthy tissues adjacent to the tumor.

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