PolyAurum Selected as one of 34 Presenting Companies for Angel Venture Fair

The 19th annual Angel Venture Fair takes place at the Union League on Friday, May 5th.  The AVF features 34 companies from a cross section of industries.  There are 24 non-university and 10 student companies.  The companies that have recently participated in AVF have raised almost $4.5 million. History has shown that in past Angel Venture Fairs going back to 2004, upwards of 78 percent of companies that have gone through the AVF process received funding as a result of their participation. Since 2004, we have been able to track and account that a total or more than $16 million has been raised for AVF companies. We think that is much higher since many of the companies and or investors have no obligation to supply us with their data.


  • AnaOno, LLC (Phila, Pa)-Provides apparel for women who have had a mastectomy.
  • AerO2Max (Phila, Pa)-A revolutionary smart training system for performance athletes.  Real-time respiratory analytics empower you to train to the targets that matter.
  • D3UC (Newark, NJ)- Offers a White Label, Cloud-based Phone & UC service exclusively for technology VARs and MSPs serving SMBs with profit margins of 50% to 100%.
  • Fischer Block, Inc. (West Chester, Pa)- Improving energy reliability with loT connected devices and big data analytics.
  • FLAG Therapeutics, Inc. (Raleigh, NC)- An oncology company developing dual-acting small molecules company with dual-acting small molecules that seek out tumors (and not normal cells) and cause tumor cell death.
  • Imago Systems, Inc. (Summit, NJ)- Software that assists medical professionals to better interpret grey-scale images by visualizing and characterizing X-rays, ultrasounds, MRI’s, CTs & Pet scans.
  • Indigo Biosciences, Inc., (State College, Pa)- Has the world’s largest portfolio of nuclear receptor assay kits and screening services.
  • iSport360, Inc., (Manalapan Township, NJ)- A mobile platform that helps youth sport coaches, players and parents share objective player feedback throughout the sports season.
  • Jefferson’s List (Phila, Pa)- A platform to connect people who want to run for office political consultants and operatives.
  • Noleuderm, (Phila, Pa)- A patented compound found in black pepper, delivered topically in combination with UV Phototherapy, to increase the treatment prognosis for those affected by Vitiligo.com
  • OrthoForge (Phila, Pa)- A technology that combines real time healing data and patient compliance monitoring with bone growth stimulation.
  • OrthogenRx (Doylestown, Pa)-OrthogenRx is a late stage development/marketing company developing orthopedic Class III devices at lower cost, efficient operations and competitive pricing.
  • PittMoss (Ambridge, Pa)- a recycled/upcycled engineered fiber that replaces peat moss and grows pants better than  existing growing media while having  many alternative uses.
  • PledgeCents (Phila, Pa)- Social impact marketplace that allows EdTech ventures to turn their free users into paying customers by leveraging our crowdfunding solution.
  • Polyaurum, LLC, (Phila, Pa)- A pre-clinical stage biotechnology company focused on developing and commercializing biodegradable gold nanoparticles (BGNP) for diagnostic and therapeutic indications including cancer.
  • QuantaCool Corp (Glen Mills, Pa)- No pumps or water environmentally friendly passive two-phase cooling systems for data center and high performance computers.
  • Red Queen Gaming, LLC (Phila, Pa)- Red Queen enables gamers to build the next generation of gameplay tools.
  • Reflik, (Franklin Township, NJ)- Finds top candidates in half the time and for half the cost, through its extensive network of recruiters and industry professionals.
  • RistCall, LLC (Phila, Pa)- Helps hospitals & nursing homes in providing better patient nurse communication using smart watches.
  • Untethered Labs, Inc. (College Park, MD)- Develop wearable tech for authentication and security in companies.
  • Verif-y (Phila, Pa)- A platform that removes the long, expensive, mistake and fraud prone process of traditional background check, allowing employers to immediately know the
  • Waterless Works (Phila, Pa)- A waterless Works is a mobile waterless car washing company.
  • Wounds A.I. (Phila, Pa)- Builds decisions support tools for wound care clinicians powered by computer vision and machine learning.
  • XeroThera (Bryn Mawr, Pa)- Focused on orthopedic and resistant infections.  It is not a drug, but a biomaterial.
  • EdinLabs (Phila, Pa)Making piloting in K-12 easy by connecting EdTech companies directly to a large, active user base of teaches.
  • E-Health Now (Wilmington, DE)- An integrated platform that provides highly quality personalized on-demand primary care service.
  • GamePlan (Phila, Pa)- A mobile app, helps make stress-free decisions on where to eat and drink with a focus on collaborative group decisions.
  • Group K (Phila, Pa)- Create diagnostics to provide vital healthcare to low resource settings and developing countries, while decreasing cost and wait time of current diagnostics.
  • Kinetic Buildings (Phila, Pa)- Simplifies the process of saving energy and reducing operational costs in commercial buildings.
  • NeuroFlow (Phila, Pa)- An FDA cleared software that analyzes biometric data, providing clinicians with an objective tool to improve diagnosis and monitor treatment.
  • Orai (Phila, Pa)- An early-stage B2C SaaS startup that uses artificial intelligence to help you speak more confidently, clearly and effectively.
  • Philly Frites (Ithaca, NY)- First stand-alone, franchisable, premium retail fry establishment
  • Pinpointer (Phila, Pa)- Connects 4 billion people worldwide living without a home address to the global e-commerce market.
  • Vibrating Therapeutic Apparel (Newark, DE)- Offers wearable therapeutic products that use vibration technology to help alleviate pain.

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