September 16, 2016 PolyAurum Participates in Mid-Atlantic Diamond Ventures Fall Forum

PolyAurum was one of 12 companies selected to participate in the fall session of Mid-Atlantic Diamond Ventures Forum.  Companies apply, go through a rigorous screening process and, if selected, get valuable coaching and an opportunity for a 15 minute pitch in a room full of investors.  “The experience was invaluable,” said Debra Travers, President and CEO of PolyAurum.  “The feedback we got from the coaches and screening committee was great and really helped us hone our presentation and feel prepared for investor questions.”

Each company was allowed to set up a display at the Forum where they could engage one-on-one with investors and answer questions that could not be answered during the brief Q&A after each presentation. “The Forum really allowed us to present the company and it’s technology – biodegradable gold nanoparticles for treating cancer – to a broad group of investors and those initial conversations are leading to follow-up with a number of them,” said Travers.

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